Hi, I'm Fiona. I'm an MEng student at MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. At MIT Sea Grant, I am developing autonomous capabilities for a boat to assist in oyster farming. I am also a Teaching Assistant for an intro to controls class.
I'll be graduating in May, and I'm currently looking for full-time positions in the robotics space. My research and coursework have focused on perception, controls, and robotics.
Check out some of my technical and personal projects below! Click on them to learn more.
MIT Sea Grant is developing an autonomous catamaran for flip-bag oyster farming. For my thesis, I am creating a feature-based oyster basket detection and the controls for autonomous maneuvering. Co-presented autonomy system at OCEANS 2023.
Dynamical System Modeling and Control Design
I am a Graduate TA for our intro to controls course, covering classical and modern control.
Robotics: Science and Systems
May 2023
A semester-long course on building autonomous vehicle software in ROS, from wall-following to localization to racing around an indoor track!
Robotic Manipulation
December 2022
Geometric scooping via key frames
May 2022
Final Project for 2.017 - Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems. Co-presented at OCEANS Conference in 2022
Personal Projects
Making, baking, crafting, and more!